Black calcite (colored by boulangerite)

Herja mine, Baia Mare, Maramures, Romania

Black calcite (colored by boulangerite)
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White calcite on one side; the other side is grey/black colored by the mineral boulangerite (grey needle shaped crystals); there are boulangerite crystals embedded in de calcite as well as free boulangerite crystals laying on the matrix.
Nice specimen from Herja, Romania. The mines are closed many years ago.
Dimensions: 90x40x40 and weighs approximately 0,150 kilogram

The Herja Mine is located in Maramures County, in the north of Baia Mare, on the southern slope of the Ignis Mountain. The specific activity of Herja Mine was the underground extraction and processing of polymetallic ores. This old mine (first documentary goes back to 1579) has also produced some of the world's finest well-crystallized specimens for over a century.
In 2007 the mine was closed.