Romania, Alba, Baia de Arieş (Offenbánya)

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Article codeII.D.1620.003
Specimen rich in flat metallic sylvanite crystals on a quartz matrix; really perfect example of the classic “Schriftertz (script-ore)” .
The scientific name Sylvanite refers to the region of Transylvania in Romania, because where the mineral was first found in the year 1798 in Baia de Aries.
Dimensions: 50x32x20 mm.

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Crystal aggregates reminiscent of persepolitan writings, therefore the mineral was named "Schrifterz" by Abraham Gottlieb Werner a German (Prussian) mineralogist and geologist.
Werner developed a classification system for minerals and can be seen as one of the most important mineralogists of his time. He developed the mineralogy into a modern science.
This specimen comes with a handwritten label.