Pyrite with Sphalerite

Peru, Huaron

Pyrite with Sphalerite
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Article codeII.D.1730.009
Here's a beautiful specimen from Peru, combining golden pyrite crystal clusters with black luster Sphalerite.
Dimensions: 150x80x70 mm. Weight 1,470 kilogramme.
For minerals collector Perù has been the world's most prolific source of top-quality mineral specimens.
There are many rich mineral locations in Peru. The Huaron district is one of main mineral localities present in Peru.
Huaron lies 40 km south south-west of Cerro de Pasco; the mines are located on the east flank of the western Cordillera of the Andes at elevations ranging from 4.300 to 4.800 meters.
Huaron is a complex copper-lead-zinc-silver deposit and there are about 20 mines in the Huaron district.