Nagyagite on rhodochrosite

Nagyag in Hungary, nowadays Sacarimb, Romania.

Nagyagite on rhodochrosite
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Article codeII.D.1520.003
Rare and rich nagyagite specimen; measures about35x25x25 mm, with dark grey to black blades in pink rhodochrosite matrix; from the type-locality the Nagyág mine, Sacarâmb, Hunedoara County, Romania.

It was first described in 1845 for an occurrence at the type locality of the Nagyág mine, Sacarâmb, Hunedoara County, Romania.ollection of Christopher O'Neill, Ex. collection Cureton mineral co.-Forrest & Barbara Cureton.
Nagyagite is one of a few minerals composed of gold and tellurium; there are only a few gold minerals and most of those are tellurides, like nagyagite.

This specimen comes with a label from the previous owner; ex. collection of Christian Rewitzer.
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