Native gold and argryrodite

Roșia Poieni Mine, Mușca, Lupșa, Alba County, Romania

Native gold and argryrodite
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Native gold and argryrodite from the Rosia Poieni Mine, Mu?ca, Lup?a, Alba County, Romania
A gold specimen from this mine is only offered sporadically. Beautiful clusters of natural gold crystals accompanied by deep black argryrodite.
Attached to the bottom of the plexiglass box with two small glue dots.
The piece measures  40x30x10 mm.

The Rosia Poieni copper mine is a large open pit copper mine in the centre of Romania and is located in the Apuseni Mountains in Western Romania, the Rosia Poieni mine contains the second largest deposit of copper found anywhere in Europe. Its metallic potential is huge: its deposits are thought to stand at more than one billion tonnes of ore with a grade of 0.36% copper and 0.25 g/t gold.